Transferring Bitcoin to Cash App

Cash App has become one of the most popular ways for people to buy, sell, and hold bitcoin. With its simple interface and low fees, Cash App makes it easy for anyone to get started with bitcoin. One common question people have is whether you can transfer bitcoin purchased elsewhere into your Cash App bitcoin wallet. The short answer is yes, it is possible to transfer bitcoin to Cash App from external wallets. Here is a detailed guide on how to transfer bitcoin into Cash App.

Overview of Transferring Bitcoin to Cash App

  • Cash App generates a unique bitcoin address for your wallet, which can be used to receive transfers from external wallets.
  • You can scan the QR code or copy the address to send bitcoin from an external wallet to your Cash App bitcoin wallet.
  • Transfers may take 10-15 minutes to process on the Bitcoin network before the bitcoin shows up in your Cash App balance.
  • There are no fees for depositing bitcoin to Cash App, although network fees from the external wallet may apply.
  • The steps are the same whether you are transferring from an exchange, hardware wallet, mobile wallet, or any other external bitcoin wallet.
  • Cash App does not currently support transferring bitcoin out of the app, only deposits. To withdraw bitcoin, you need to sell for cash within Cash App.
Can You Transfer Bitcoin To Cash App?

Detailed Steps to Transfer Bitcoin to Cash App

Follow these step-by-step instructions to successfully transfer bitcoin to your Cash App wallet:

Step 1: Get your Cash App Bitcoin Address

  • Open up the Cash App mobile app and go to the Bitcoin tab (denoted by an orange B icon)
  • If this is your first time using bitcoin in Cash App, you may need to enter some additional information like your date of birth before proceeding
  • Tap on the bitcoin wallet icon in the upper-right to view your BTC wallet address
  • You will see a QR code and a long string of letters and numbers. This is your unique bitcoin receiving address.

Step 2: Copy Your Cash App Bitcoin Address

  • Tap the QR code if you want to scan this address into your external wallet.
  • Alternatively, tap the text to copy the address to your phone’s clipboard.
  • Double check that the full address is copied, starting with “bc1q…”

Step 3: Go to Your External Wallet to Initiate Transfer

  • Open up the external wallet software or app that is currently holding your bitcoin (for example, an exchange account, hardware wallet, etc).
  • Go to the bitcoin send, withdraw, or transfer page. Different wallets may use slightly different terminology.
  • Paste your Cash App bitcoin address into the recipient field. Triple check the address matches.

Step 4: Confirm Transfer Details and Send Bitcoin

  • Make sure the destination address matches your Cash App bitcoin wallet address you copied in step 2.
  • Enter the amount of bitcoin you wish to transfer to Cash App. Do not send more than your available balance.
  • Carefully review the details again before submitting/confirming the transfer.
  • Follow the steps in your external wallet to complete sending the bitcoin. There is usually a confirmation button.
  • You may need to wait for the transaction to process on the external wallet side, which could take a few minutes.

Step 5: Wait for Bitcoin Transfer to Process

  • Once you’ve initiated the transfer, it takes 10-15 minutes on average for the transaction to get confirmed on the Bitcoin network and sent to Cash App.
  • You can tap on the BTC wallet icon in Cash App to refresh and check for your pending transfer.
  • The deposit status will show “Pending” until the right number of network confirmations occur, after which it will show “Complete”.
  • There is no action required on your end while waiting for confirmations. It may take longer than 15 minutes during times of high bitcoin network activity.

Step 6: Bitcoin Balance Updated in Cash App

  • Once the transfer completes, your new bitcoin balance will be updated in your Cash App BTC wallet.
  • You can now hold, spend, or sell the transferred bitcoin just like any other bitcoin in your Cash App account.
  • If the transfer is not showing up after an hour, double check the address you sent it to and contact Cash App support.
  • Congrats, you have successfully transferred bitcoin into Cash App!

Tips for Transferring Bitcoin to Cash App

Follow these additional tips for a smooth experience transferring your bitcoin into Cash App:

  • Triple check the full bitcoin address before sending any funds. Transfers can’t be reversed if sent to the wrong address.
  • Start by sending a small test amount before transferring larger amounts.
  • Cash App only supports Bitcoin (BTC). Do not send Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, or other coins by mistake.
  • Save the bitcoin address for your Cash App wallet so you can easily reuse it later.
  • Enable transaction notifications in your external wallet so you get alerts when the transfer is initiated and completed.
  • Make sure your external wallet has enough bitcoin network fees (too low may cause delays).
  • Be patient. Bitcoin transfers commonly take 10-60 minutes to fully process.
  • If you have issues, you can contact Cash App customer support for assistance with deposits.

Advantages of Using Cash App for Bitcoin

Here are some of the benefits of transferring your existing bitcoin to Cash App:

  • Easy to Use Interface – Cash App provides a simple, intuitive way to hold bitcoin without dealing with complex wallet software.
  • Buying and Selling – In addition to holding bitcoin, you can buy or sell it directly within Cash App.
  • Spending Power – The Cash Card allows you to spend your bitcoin balance like cash at millions of retailers.
  • Security – Cash App uses industry-leading security to safely store bitcoin and protect accounts.
  • Low Fees – Cash App does not charge deposit fees, and selling bitcoin is much less than most exchanges.
  • Mainstream Appeal – Cash App is built for the mainstream consumer, bringing bitcoin to the masses.
  • Scalability – Cash App was designed to support bitcoin transactions as usage continues to grow.

Overall, Cash App offers a straightforward solution for managing bitcoin alongside traditional money. It provides a simple pathway for transferring existing holdings into the app.

Steps to Withdraw Bitcoin from Cash App

While Cash App currently only supports depositing bitcoin, it is not possible to transfer bitcoin out or withdraw it back to an external wallet. Here are the steps required instead to effectively “withdraw” your bitcoin from Cash App:

  • Open Cash App and go to the Bitcoin tab
  • Tap the Banking tab at the bottom
  • Select your linked debit card or bank account
  • Tap “Sell” below your bitcoin balance
  • Enter the amount in USD or bitcoin to sell
  • Confirm details and select “Sell Bitcoin”
  • Go to Banking tab to view pending transfer of funds from sold bitcoin
  • Once received in your fiat balance, you can instant withdraw to your bank

So in essence, you are selling your bitcoin in Cash App in order to “withdraw” the value in fiat currency to your bank account. This is the only approved method for getting your bitcoin out of Cash App into your bank.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is transferring bitcoin to Cash App free?

Yes, Cash App does not charge any fees for incoming bitcoin transfers. However, the external wallet making the transfer may charge a network fee. Always check the sending wallet’s fee policy before withdrawing.

Can I transfer bitcoin from any wallet to Cash App?

You can transfer bitcoin to Cash App from any external wallet, such as an exchange, hardware wallet, mobile wallet, or other bitcoin address you control the private keys for.

Is there a limit on how much I can transfer?

Cash App does not currently limit the amount of bitcoin you can transfer from an external wallet. However, your account is subject to deposit and weekly trading limits based on verification level.

How long does a transfer take?

The typical bitcoin transfer takes 10-15 minutes to process on the Bitcoin network, but may take 30-60 minutes in periods of high transaction volume. Give it at least an hour before contacting support.

Can I transfer other coins like Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum?

No, Cash App only supports deposits of Bitcoin (BTC). Sending any other coins could result in permanent loss. Be absolutely sure you are sending Bitcoin (BTC) only.

What happens if I send bitcoin to the wrong address?

Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. If you accidentally send funds to the wrong address, the transfer cannot be canceled. Double and triple check the address before sending!

Why do I need to wait for confirmations?

Waiting for blockchain confirmations ensures the transaction is valid and not fraudulent or erroneous. Each confirmation greatly decreases the risk of a fraudulent deposit showing in your balance.

Can I send bitcoin from Cash App to external wallets?

Cash App currently only supports inbound bitcoin transfers. To get your bitcoin into an external wallet, you first need to sell to fiat and withdraw the funds.

Is Cash App bitcoin wallet safe?

Yes, Cash App uses industry-leading security practices to keep your bitcoin protected including multi-signature encryption, offline storage, and extensive internal controls. Your Cash App BTC balance is insured.


With bitcoin continuing to gain mainstream adoption, Cash App provides one of the easiest ways to get started buying, selling, holding, and using bitcoin alongside traditional money. By transferring existing bitcoin holdings into Cash App, you can easily manage everything in one place. Just be sure to carefully follow the deposit steps and pay close attention when copying the receiving address to avoid any mistakes. Within minutes, you can have your external bitcoin securely in your Cash App bitcoin wallet.

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